As a friend, I gotta tell you, you're really goin' round the bend on this ghost business...

Conventions. They're a big deal, these days. I remember going to one of the early Memorabilia fairs at the NEC in the late nineties, and it was actually... cosy. Now, many of the present-day events have room for a plethora of dealer tables, celebrity signings, imaginative costumers, and even... wait for it...

Us! Yes, this summer, Behind the Curtains shall be descending upon Earls Court for the gigantic London Film and Comic Con 2014 from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of July.

Rich Lawden'll be there, Stephen Volk'll be there, and Lesley Manning'll be there (commitments permitting, and each likely appearing on alternating days) to sign all your wonderful Ghostwatch stuff, and chat about how great both the show and doc are, on a strictly-wound stopwatch, in exchange for your cold, hard cash.

Nah, only joking. We're planning on using a clock, not a stopwatch. Currently, we've a banner printed, and a few DVDs, books and posters set aside. Recently, a number of calls have come through requesting a twin-pack be made available comprising the book and DVD, so I imagine that option shall be on the table. At the moment, it's just not practical to offer this over at Lawman Productions, as it's still quite a bit cheaper to purchase both items separately (keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for special offers on postage, which do occasionally come through). Hopefully, we may also have some kind of exclusive item available to pick up for Ghostwatchers to add to their collections, too.

Looking forward to seeing you there! With the event being a fair way away, time-wise, there's a fun thing going on with our Facebook page at the moment. If we can get up to 1000 likes before the day of the convention, doco director, Rich Lawden has promised to turn up, in the spirit of the event's truly wonderful and dedicated fraternity of 'cosplayers', wearing an authentic, replica Ghostbusters flight suit for at least one of the two days. If we can get considerably over that figure, he'll be donning said garb for the entire weekend.* It's even got his name on, and everything, see?

*In fact, not a transparent attempt at finding a good excuse to dress up, but a legitimate business incentive.

Behind the Curtains is also currently available to attend other conventions. Following the wonderful Autumn: Horror in the East con in Lowestoft, last year, you might say we have developed a taste for it. So, feel free as always to drop us a line on our contact page above, if you'd like us to drop by yours.

To find out more concerning tickets and prices for London Film & Comic Con 2014, click here.